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Any Ideas for Renovating A Bathroom? (Infographic Included)

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Spring is the perfect time to renovate your bathroom. Home shows everywhere provide inspiration and information and stores are stocked with tempting new products. No matter how small or large the project, you need ideas, a sound plan, and the right help. Here’s a guide to creating a great bathroom the room that satisfies your appetite, soothe your soul and excite your senses. The averaged bathroom reno (8 by 10 feet) costs about $5,000. Bathrooms, like kitchens, are also warming up from the laboratory look of the past. The trend is to make the bathroom look more like an extension of a bedroom with pieces of furniture such as chest of drawers and chair, small accent carpets, exercise equipment and clothes storage. Handpainted sinks, jewel-toned fixtures, and faucets worthy to be called sculpture all add to the comfortable atmosphere homeowners want to create. The idea is to make this a warm and cozy room for relaxing and lounging, rather than just a place to wash and dress. The bathroom is also getting “greener.” Water-conserving bathroom fixtures are capturing homeowners’ interest as environmental concerns grow. An average family of four uses more than 1,000 liters of water a day. The toilet […]

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