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A Flower For Every Season

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You’re a romantic guy, and you want to do something nice for that special lady in your life. So, you come up with an idea to give her a flower for every season throughout the year. The trouble is, you don’t know what flower goes with what season, so here is a helpful guide. Springs Best Bet: Cherry Blossoms – this flower is a perfect fit for the love in your life. For the Chinese, this flower symbolizes feminine beauty, principle and love. Their rich, pink petals give them unmatched beauty. Runner-ups: Daffodils, Lillies, Lilacs and Tulips. Summers Best Bet: Daisies – Forgetting about HAL’s creepy singing about a girl named Daisy as he was shut down in A Space Odyssey, these flowers are beautiful, so much so that they rank fifth in the world in terms of cut flowers. While they lack in color, usually only white with a black center, their beauty lies in their simplicity and ordinary grace. Runner-ups: Geraniums, Jacobs Ladder, Roses and Sunflowers. Autumns Best Bet: Chrysanthemums – This hugely popular flower is one of the most cut in the world, ahead of even Daisies. So beautiful is this flower that in ancient Japan, the […]

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