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What is Aeron Chair? All The Things You Should Know About

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The Aeron Chair is also a good choice for companies striving to become more sustainable. Over 60 percent of the materials used within the chair come from recycled sources. This means less waste and chemical emissions, as new materials do not have to be made. And even when the chair becomes useless, the whole unit can be recycled. Ultimately, the Aeron chair always has a purpose, even at the end of its life cycle. The same is also true at the beginning of its life when it is being manufactured. Herman Miller avoids textiles in the production of the chair, which further limits the number of emissions released into the air. For the fabric, Kira is used. This is a biodegradable type of fabric that is made of corn. The dyes within the framework and fabric are also sustainable as they are solution-based. Also, no petroleum is used at any time in the manufacturing process. All in all, when you look at the Aeron chair manufacturing, you can see it is truly the chair of the future. Again, no other company has been able to match these innovations. With all that being said, you might want to check the Aeron chair out […]

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